LedgerSMB是个非常受欢迎的财务管理软件SQL-Ledger 的一个分支—总账管理软件,主要由Dieter Simader编写和维护。SMB的意思是 Small Medium Business.

510 LedgerSMB 1.4.0 发布下载  财务总账软件

LedgerSMB 1.4.0 发布,此版本现已提供下载




* Performance enhancements on menu routines (Chris T and Steven M)
* Added +/- selection indicators to menu CSS (Chris T)
* Changing all auth calls to hit postgres db instead of template1 (Chris T)
* invoice.unit is now unbounded varchar to reduce errors (Chris T, 3516235)
* Invoices with inventory subject to draft/vouchers workflows (Chris T)
* Added Equity (Temp) account type, closed at year-end (Chris T)
* Added description field to transaction and invoice screens (Chris T)
* Removed ability to repost/delete transactions (Chris T)
* Partsgroups can now be nested though this is not yet used by LSMB (Chris T)
* Timecard system generalized to allow labor and materials cards too (Chris T)
* Can now print envelopes or shipping labels from many screens (Chris T)
* Can now select default formats for printed invoices (Chris T)
* Shipvia is now a text area. (Chris T)
* Descriptions can now be locked on invoices and orders (Chris T)
* Reconciliation reports can now be rejected (Chris T, 855)
* Added rounding tax module (Chris T, related to bug report 878)
* SQL files placed in sql/on_load/ now run on creation/upgrade of db (Chris T)

* Session expiration now with configurable behavior (Chris T)
* Templates for user documents (like invoices) now stored in the db (Chris T)
* New Roles.sql file can be reloaded without prepocessing (Chris T)
* New Roles.sql file leaves no errors on success (Chris T)
* Removed public grants, using a base user instead (Chris T)

* No longer allow NULL amounts in acc_trans (Chris T)

Control Code Series System (Chris T)
* Covers invoices, orders, transactions, parts, and business units
* Have many different series for the same field (i.e. several series of
* Each can set whether it overrides user input.

* PostgreSQL contrib dependencies removed, now require Pg 8.4 (Chris T)
* LaTeX format detection now run-time call, not configured (Chris T)
* configure_apache.sh: Add search for apache user & config path
Do not overwrite ledgersmb-httpd.conf without warning (Havard S)
* Validation of database schema load processes in setup.pl (Erik H)

Code/API 改进
* scripts var wc_add_to_cart_params = {"ajax_url":"\/ajax","i18n_view_cart":"\u67e5\u770b\u8d2d\u7269\u8f66","cart_url":"https:\/\/www.kejianet.cn\/my-cart\/","is_cart":"","cart_redirect_after_add":"no"};